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New Dental Practice Customers receive 15% discount on all rates

On-Site Services $85hr (1 hour minimum)
On-Site Service (2 Engineers) $129hr (1 hour minimum)
In-Shop Repair $59/hr (1 hour minimum)
Remote Troubleshooting & Repair $59hr (1/2 hour minimum)
MS SharePoint Development Services

$85/120hr (Sm.Biz/Corporate rates)

Weekends or Holidays 1.5 normal rate (1 hour minimum)
Customer Training/Education/Tutorial Remote or On-Site pricing
MS SharePoint Development Services

$85/120hr (Sm.Biz/Corporate rates)


(remote, in shop, and on-site charges do not apply to work performed under warranty)

(site visits where no billed services are provided may include a $35 trip charge)

(trip charges may be waived in certain circumstances)



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