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From:      O’Donnell, Fred (Corporate) [mailto:Fred.O’]

Sent:        Friday, October 15, 1999 9:28 AM

To:           Herman Cail

Cc:          John D. Cook II

Subject:   Thanks SRX990921601440

I just thought you should know that last weekend I had the pleasure of working with probably the best

example of a Microsoft Exchange Engineer that I have run into.

I haven’t gotten service that good ever. John Cook was very helpful and patient as well as knowledgeable. I have had both good and bad experiences when calling Microsoft Server Support for help, this was definitely a good experience.

It seems the guys on the night shift have all the answers.

In closing, I once again wanted to thank John for his excellent work he is a fine example of what a Microsoft Support Professional should be.


Fred O’Donnell  

Right Management Consultants
World Headquarters
1818 Market Street, Thirty-third Floor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103-3614
United States / Philadelphia: 800.237.4448 or 215.988.1588
Europe / London: +44.207.839.1001
Canada / Toronto: 416.926.1324
Asia Pacific / Melbourne: 61.3.9522.2200


This is VERY Good Feedback John!!!

Outstanding Job!

Thank You   


Hello John,

They turned out fine. 

I was wondering if you had the KB article on how to restore a Bridgehead Server so I don’t have to go through this again.

Your help was invaluable sir.

I most appreciate it. 

Your professionalism was outstanding.

Hope you have a great day.


Christopher F. Abel




Thank you very much for the kind words about our support and the efforts of both Sam and John.  We work very hard to ensure that you receive the best Support in the industry.  I will make sure the appropriate kudos are given here, and please let us know if we can be of any assistance in the future with TELUS Mobility issues.


David Anderson, MCSE

Technical Accounts Manager




-----Original Message-----

From:         Greg Drazenovic []

Sent:          Friday, September 03, 1999 11:34 AM

To:             David Anderson

Cc:             Henry Wilsenack; ‘’; Clark Blakeway

Subject:      RE: Case SRX990901601011 - Feedback on the level of service provided by Microsoft Premier Support Services


Hello David,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and thanks for the incredible support and service that I received this week for problems we had with one of our Exchange servers. I have called into Premier Support on different issues but on this occasion I was more than impressed with the level of efficiency and professionalism in which our problems were dealt with.

I would like to commend Sam Wheat & John Cook and thank both of them again for the above and beyond service that they provided. Their knowledge of Exchange and potential issues was excellent. What puts their service above that which I have received in the past was their effort in explaining the resolutions rather than just giving a standard walkthrough.

This level of service and the work from individuals like Sam and John will only further bolster your company’s position as a leader in IT Products and Solutions.

Again, my thanks for your service and continued support.

Greg Drazenovic MCSE Dipl T.

IT Client Server Operations



Hi John,

You can close this case.

Ron was very happy with the assistance you provided on this issue. 

Jeff Johnson

Microsoft Premier Support Services

Technical Accounts Manager


Phone: 425-704-5234

Fax:     425-704-4657

Pager:  800-759-8888 PIN - 1100587


Microsoft is committed to providing excellent support to our Premier customers.  Please call me if you're not Very Satisfied with your service.

Don't forget your Premier ServiceDesk:




-----Original Message-----

From:          Tina Zhou []

Sent:           Thursday, January 06, 2000 5:07 PM

To:               John D. Cook II

Subject:      RE: from John@ MS Regrading:SRX000106600025


Thank you so much for all your help while I was "in the dark”.  And, I’m very, very much impressed by Microsoft Support.  Your documentation for the case is excellent. Your service is superb and really professional.  It’s one of the very best server tech support calls I’ve ever had.  I’m a happy customer now.

 Again, I really appreciate your excellent technical support and service. 

 We didn’t waste any time to recover the system before dawn.!

Thank you!!!

Hope you have a great weekend, too.


Calpine Corp.

Providing clean, reliable power for more than 20 years

San  Jose, CA  




Various older nice reviews from good Customers:


Original text

From: Tammy Guidry@ITS.INS.BMRW@TXIRV, on 8/16/98 5:03 PM:

To: Bill Poole@ITS.INS@TXIRV, DeeDee Russell@ITS.INS@TXIRV


A note of thanks.

Well, what I meant to say before I accidentally hit the send button was that John is doing a great job and his contribution is noticeable. He even managed to win over the WAN guys-- a bunch of router and tech heads with his expertise. He's currently doing an NT install for Don Maxwell.

I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the quality assistance you provide when things get hectic around here. I've been able to dedicate myself to working on John Woods' home and office systems, and while at his house yesterday didn't have to worry at all about things at the office, John Cook works hard and gets the job done. Our INS clients like him a lot and now ask me, "is John available?"

Anyway, many thanks to John for a job well done. I'd love to keep him another week but I'm sure you all have been missing him and the skills he brings to your group.

Thanks again,



Tammy Guidry

GTE Internal Network Services





> ----Original Message----

> From:       Tammy Guidry

> Sent:         Thursday, October 08, 1998 5:29 PM

> To:           Clint Busby

> Subject: A note of thanks


Lisa Hooper@ITS.OST.BMRW

fwd: Kudo to John Cook


Thanks for your continued excellent support.  It takes a lot to gain the confidence of my group.  We always look forward to having you handle support for us.

Thanks again,

Lisa Hooper

GTE INS Project Manager

(972) 507-1450

Numeric Pager: 1-800-595-1877

Alpha Pager: 1-800-GTE-GRAM



 ---------- Original Text ----------


From: "Maxwell, Don" <>, on 10/20/98 2:25 PM:

To: smtp["Guidry, Tammy" <>]


Tammy -

Recently, my Workstation upgraded to Windows NT Workstation 4.0 by John Cook.

John did a very professional job!

I was impressed with his attention to detail, thorough checklist, library of current drivers, etc.

As you know, I am normally reticent to letting anyone make changes to my PC for fear that I may have to come behind and clean up a mess, or even worse. In this case, the upgrade was a pleasure from my point of view.  I had a few questions the next morning and John had already promptly came by, answered the questions, showed me a few things, and moved on.

Often, these kinds of upgrades can drag on with fixing various problems over several days.  But this upgrade appeared to be a slam dunk.

I am delighted with John's good efforts and the results of his work. 

Oh yes, and WinNT on my desktop is GREAT!



Don R Maxwell     

MC HQM04A72    

 972.507.1464 voice

ITS-INS Provisioning            

MSE Networking Team Lead



"Guidry, Tammy" <>

FW: Kudo to John Cook

Way to go! Don is extremely technical and can be intimidating, but I knew you would rise to the occasion.  You are a credit to the Team, a "tech's tech"!

Thanks again, Tammy



 8/25/98 4:33 PM

From: Lisa Hooper@ITS.OST.BMRW

To:  smpt[]

Cc:  DeeDee Russell@INS.ITS

Subject:  John Cook's Continued Support


 As we discussed on the phone, this email is to confirm that we will have John Cook reporting to Tammy for INS support from now through Friday, September 18th. He will be reporting to Tammy first thing in the morning throughout that time and will not be attending the morning meetings at Hidden Ridge.

John has done an excellent job for us since he has been helping with our support and we appreciate all the help that he has provided. 

 Tammy will open an ETSR and forward you the number.

 Thanks for your continued support.


Lisa Hooper

GTE INS Project Manager

(972) 507-1450

Numeric Pager: 1-800-595-1877

Alpha Pager: 1-800-GTE-GRAM

Internet  Address:





1/29/99 2:01 PM

From: Marion Jacobson@ITS.OST.BMRW                                                                                                                          

  To: Christy Gravely@ITS.INS,

Cc: John Cook@ITS.INS,

Subject: Desktop Support for the Merger Team

Hi Christy  

As you know, John Cook has been providing some technical support for the GTE Merger Team at 600 Hidden Ridge. Today has been a problematic day for them, and they have already paged Tammy Guidry three times for problems related to some key business that they have needed help with previously. They'd like for John to come back.

I just want to make sure that you understand the situation with the Merger Team, and that they are a very high profile group. They like John and their needs are pretty sensitive. I know that's not John's regular "beat" but if you could overlook that and let him respond to their needs, I think that is the best way to handle this situation. If critical needs come up here at MacRidge while he is on a call over there, would you please have someone else fill in for John so he can finish servicing the Merger Team 

I'm not asking that John's responsibilities be changed, I don't think this will be an ongoing problem. They only occasionally have Support needs, but when they do, they prefer to have John come in and do the work. I hope that is okay with everyone. We want to keep those folks happy!




Marion Jacobson


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